Finger on the Map



Our libraries aim to center and celebrate works by voices that have traditionally been marginalized, with a primary focus on books by Black authors. We welcome people to help stock our libraries with books and resources that fit this mission. We encourage people to contribute books not on anti-racist reading lists - we want to avoid pigeonholing BIPOC authors as writers of just racial justice. 


Each of our libraries is partnered with a local organization that helps to curate and maintain it. This ensures that our libraries' materials are accessible and engaging to the surrounding community. While all of our libraries have a common goal to promote works by Black authors, they also have individual foci that align with our partners' purposes. Find out more below.

The Queensboro & Jackson Heights Community Fridge

Mil Mundos

Send Chinatown Love

The Queensboro, a restaurant created by Jackson Heights locals, aims to lend its space as a community resource. It is generously hosting both our library and the Jackson Heights Community Fridge!  This library is truly about community coming together and we try to honor that by filling it with books just as diverse as the surrounding neighborhood. 

Mil Mundos is a Latinx-run bookstore in Bushwick dedicated to combating gentrification by creating a space where Black, Latinx, and Indigenous heritage is celebrated. Our joint library aims to feature books written in Spanish - the most commonly spoken language in Bushwick. 

Send Chinatown Love creates online platforms for low-tech, cash only, Asian owned small businesses disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Our joint library promotes resources, like conversation guides, that encourage allyship from the AAPI community. It is a stop along SCL's food crawl, which you can participate in throughout September! You'll also see a QR code on this library linked to SCL's BLM resources.



We have received a lot of questions about which books are welcome in our libraries. Our mission is to center and celebrate Black voices in an intersectional manner. To us, this means including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other traditionally marginalized voices. We also strive to include books on a variety of topics - not only racial justice and diversity - so as to not limit Black and BIPOC authors to writing about these topics exclusively. 

We believe the following tool from Teaching Tolerance, a project providing educators with free resources emphasizing anti bias and social justice, can help you decide if a given book should be placed in an Amplify Library near you.